A Heroic Purpose

Protect the environment & combat poverty

While providing non-timbered, rare, & revitalizing ingredients


Amazonian Alliance partners are granted license to advance non-timber related products and services, such as the sourcing of rare and revitalizing plant extracts that may be used as ingredients for haircare, beauty, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food and beverage products.

By partnering with the Amazonian Alliance to support the first sustainable reserve in the heart of the Amazon, our partners are able to unlock new opportunities and enjoy unique benefits – economic, environmental, social, even spiritual.


The Brazilian Enterprise for the Conservation of Forests (EBCF) owns fifty thousand acres of Amazonian forest, and said NO to the largest timber exploitation permit ever issued by the government of Brazil to a private party. EBCF opted to preserve their acreage by creating a program through which 450 families could benefit by harvesting only a portion of what the forest sheds seasonally, with enough left untouched to be consumed by the native fauna. Carbon credits received for this enormous effort to curb deforestation, and to avoid the pollution and devastation effected by indiscriminate industrialization in the heart of the Amazon, are used to create jobs, build eco-friendly homes, schools and clinics for these families.

EBCF provides natural ingredients from the rain forest from plants, leaves, fruits and bark harvested by hand, in their natural habitat by people living in the riverside communities in the Amazon Basin.

Through PakLab’s Amazonian Alliance, impactful social programs are being implemented to improve the living conditions and raise the standard of basic health for the families and children in the local communities.

Social & Environmental Programs

    Education, Income Generation, Infrastructure, Sport, The Arts & Monitoring Systems

Improve Health & Living Conditions

    Eco-Friendly Housing, Safe Drinking Water, Health Kits, & Local Health Care Workers

Our Client Companies are invited to adopt and embrace a humanitarian and environmental protection cause that that will create public trust in them as an ethical and responsible organization.


For more information, please visit amazonianalliance.org.