Our Commitment

The products we create touch the lives of people all over the world, everyday. It is our responsibility to embed ethical and sustainable practices into every step of our development and manufacturing process to ensure we deliver the purest, safest and most effective products possible with the lightest impact on the environment and its people.

Every member of our team shares in our campaign for change. We believe in the power of collaboration and integrate our knowledge across many disciplines to solve our most pressing sustainability concerns. Our culture embraces perpetual improvement and empowering team members to "lean in" for change.

From conception through completion, our teams work to employ the most sustainable options available; from earth friendly packaging and concentrated formulas to utilizing local suppliers, we are committed to finding the most efficient uses of our resources while producing less waste.


We are committed to the use of non-timbered ingredients. The Amazonian rainforest produces 20% of the world's oxygen yet one-tenth of all trees in the Amazon have been logged in our lifetime, many for the use of ingredients in personal care products. We are fervently dedicated to stopping the use of timbered ingredients. Our 50,000 acre sustainable Amazonian reserve gives us the unique opportunity to offer sustainable, non-timbered, accountable ingredients for use in the products we develop.

We enforce rigorous sustainability and ethical qualification standards for our suppliers, because we believe true change reaches further than our doors. We are committed to partnering with the highest quality suppliers, verifying their authenticity and consistently striving to find partners that align with our beliefs.

We invite you to join us in the challenge for change, together we can change the face of personal care products.