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Purpose Driven Personal Care Products


With three decades of professional Contract Manufacturing and Product Development services dedicated exclusively to Mid-Luxury and Prestige Brands, PakLab is entering the next generation of supply chain management. Our value-based, purpose driven team of experts go beyond GMP's and offer a sustainability driven platform that is ready to align with you in setting an example in ethical standards. We develop for you, we work for the benefit of everyone, we share your passion to recreate the Personal Care, Cosmetic, and OTC industry while caring for our planet and its people. We are changing the face of contract manufacturing.


full service contract manufacturing



Trust PakLab, with the ability to come up with the value added & cutting-edge solutions you always wanted from a CMO. We formulate, blend, and fill, and passionately rise to meet your supply chain challenges.

We employ a world-class team of Chemical Engineers, Chemists, Microbiologists, Lab Technicians, Packaging Specialists, as well as Structural & Graphic Designers who will collaborate with you to build your brand.

We are fully committed to promoting long term relationships and are ready to customize our services to meet the strictest standards for each one of our clients.


Our Team



A Community of experts driven by purpose & values

Visionary stakeholders, inspiring leaders and empowering managers entrust each project in the hands of the highest caliber team members. We are dedicated to making phenomenal products that will reflect your brand's excellence and uniqueness. We take each opportunity to provide our service to you as a valued privilege.


"...Being with PakLab for over 19 years made it possible for my brand to reach global markets that we never thought we could reach"

- Richard C., Contract Manufacturing Director


Full, In-House

Contract Manufacturing


It takes years to build a legacy.

Building a reputation in the Contract Manufacturing industry takes much more than time. It takes constant adaptation to new technologies, evolution in business practices, and continuing education toward process improvement. Our experience is in blending and filling liquids, gels, emulsions, alcohols, viscous, semi-viscous, pomades, scrubs, hot pours, bag-on-valve aerosols, non-woven fibers and packettes for globally renown premium brands. We are OTC, FDA, TGA and ISO22716 certified.

We can customize CMA, SLEA, PDA and QA based partnership agreements while maintaining discreet confidentiality and brand protection for every one of our clients. With dozens of tanks, filling equipment and assembly lines to conform to any package configuration, you will find our versatility and impeccable service very difficult to surpass.


The Capacity to Meet Your Demands

With the capacity to fill 50 to 100 million containers per year & over 50% of our production dedicated to OTC formulas, our team is always working hard to meet your deadlines!


Configurations for Your Whole Line

The PakLab team has the know-how to handle multiple package configurations and product formulations – including alcohol, hot pours, & bag-on-valve aerosols – to ensure your project is produced perfectly.


Multiple PakLab Locations Nationwide

We've got over half a million square feet of production space, spanning locations from coast to coast. No matter where you're located, PakLab is there to help meet your manufacturing needs.


sustainability BEGINS WITH CHOICE

At a site level, PakLab demonstrates a measurable track record of sustainability in each area of energy savings, materials recycling, water conservation and environmental protection with metrics going back to 2010.

Our Green Belt, Continuous Education and Process Improvement teams helped us create a culture of stewardship that culminated in the pioneering of a program responsible for the management of the first Private Reserve for Sustainable Development in the history of the Health and Beauty industry and as a result, PakLab became the first charter member of the Amazonian Alliance.


The Only Contract Manufacturer to offer direct-from-source ingredients that are certified as Timber-Free