Contract Manufacturing

Redefining Project Partnerships in
Beauty & Skin Care Engineering

PakLab is a service provider first. Our desire to partner with you will always be driven by excellent service and a shared strategic vision for your brand.  As a value-based company, we labor to become the choice contract manufacturing company for the mid-luxury and prestige brands. We are an extension of your team – with supply chain management and process manufacturing onsite. We serve the HBA, OTC and Household markets.


There are a lot of steps involved in making a quality personal care product. Follow through the outline below, if the process fits with you and your project, give us a call for a more in depth discussion about how we can help you achieve your goals.


Your Formula

Let's start with the perfect formula! Whether it's OTC, liquids, gels, emulsions, alcohols, solids (hot pour), towelettes, or foil packettes for sampling - if you can dream it, we can do it! We specialize in hair and skin care, but also provide service to the household industry.

If you still haven't found the perfect formula, please visit our element•4 skin science studio where we can develop something custom just for you!


a huge perfect formula

We're equipped to help you scale up to meet whatever demands your target audience has. Through our experience working with national, international, and global brands, we have the know-how to get you the product you need, when you need it - no matter where in the world it's going!


Source Ingredients & components

If you know what packaging you'd like - great! We can fill it for you. And if you're not quite sure - that's okay, too! We'll search high and low to get you the perfect packaging components. Our procurement team sources materials from all over the globe and, of course, our favorite local suppliers. We've got a lot of great connections, and we'd love to share that with you!


measure, combine, & blend

Once all the components arrive, we can start to manufacture! All of the raw ingredients are measured in just the right amount, combined in just the right order, and blended in just the right temperature in one of our production tanks.

The production is carefully monitored by our seasoned specialists to make sure everything goes as planned. When that's done - we get ready to fill!


Fill, Cap, & Label

The proper equipment is prepped, and a team is scheduled for final production. Your perfect formula gets pumped into the components that you've chosen, the components are then sealed, and your labels are applied. Your product is complete! Before we pack up your order, we'll check to make sure that everything meets our high standards.


safely pack & ship

Once our quality team has checked it out, we'll safely pack up your order and send it on it's way, either to you or another location that you've specified. But we're not done yet!

PakLab's commitment to your happiness means that we're in this together. We'll be here for you throughout the entire process - even after the boxes go out our doors!

Whether you're contacting us for support on a current project or you'd like to begin a new one, our project services team is ready to assist you in whatever you need to ensure your success.

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