The impact of PakLab’s sustainability program is far reaching and includes our partners at every level of the supply chain.  Our goal is putting sustainability metrics to practical use

through a scorecard system that encompasses measures of social responsibility, environmental protection, economic opportunities and climate change awareness.



We accomplish this by using objective and impartial criteria and ensuring our suppliers have maximum transparency. PakLab supports local businesses wherever possible to infuse the local economy as well as reduce transportation costs and overall environmental impact.



Using rigorous evaluation methods, we assess vendor technical skills and capabilities, conduct site visits, and ensure that quality, environment, and robust health and safety management systems are in place.

Our suppliers are given a sustainability rating based on the following categories: environmental protection, economic opportunity, social responsibility, and energy savings. The rating is used as a guide to help us determine the best partnerships for us and our customers, and to serve as a guide for continually improvement in all areas of sustainability.


the foundation of growth


Our size makes us agile enough to adopt the customers’ assessment criteria and schemes in many cases then look for supply chain partners who embrace values that align with ours as well as the customers we serve.


environment protection


Water System

Chemical Reduction

Deforestation Awareness

Carbon Offsets

Non-Timbered Ingredients

Economic Opportunity

Job Creation

Sustainable Innovation

New Raw Materials

B2C Marketing

Recycling Savings

Social Responsibility

Clean Water


Health Care


Energy savings

Equipment Upgrades