PakLab, in partnership with The Brazillian Rainforest Conservation Company (EBCF) is a member of the Amazonian Allliance, a pioneer program for the responsible management of the first Private Reserve for Sustainable Development in the history of the Amazon and Brazil.

Our primary goals are to protect and conserve the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest, sustain development of local communities, and reduce CO2 emissions.

PakLab is granted license to market non-timber native rainforest raw materials for use the personal care products we develop.

By choosing PakLab non-timbered Amazonian ingredients and formulas, our customers become supporters of the Amazonian Alliance and are granted the use of our Non-Timbered graphic seal as well as valuable ingredient claims to market their products.

The seal grants the certainty that the ingredients contribute to the Amazonian Alliance goals and can also benefit the ethical sourcing of ingredients, carbon offsets, and sustainability certifications and transparency. Contact us to find out how this Alliance can impact your brand.



non-timbered ingredients

straight from the heart of the amazon

The Amazon Rainforest produces roughly 20% of the earth’s oxygen, absorbs millions of tons of CO2 emissions, helps to regulate rainfall, and balances our biosphere. Yet, one-tenth of all trees in the Amazon have been logged in our lifetime.

In a mutual relationship with the people of the Amazon and collaborating partners, the Amazonian Alliance seeks change this by sharing the resources of the Amazon with the rest of the world – all without felling a single tree.

As a partner, PakLab has access to exclusive ingredients that have been hand-harvested straight from the heart of the jungle. In return, we've helped to build homes & schools, provided first aid kits & ambulances, and installed water filtration & solar power systems, and helped to bolster the local economy by providing jobs for the members of 15 villages.

PakLab has worked for over two years to help develop the Alliance, and now, we'd love to share the benefits of all that hard work with each of our customers.

You are invited to take advantage of our relationship with the Amazonian Alliance and help to change the way business works in the Lungs of the World.

In exchange, those customers can further benefit from access to a unique sustainable reserve with non-timbered ingredients, the licensing & certification of their brands, category exclusivity, environmental climate certifications, social projects, and more.

PakLab is proud to be a part of such a life-changing opportunity – life-changing for us, for our clients, for the people of the Amazon, & for the world.

Because we are all Amazonians.


For more information on the Amazonian Alliance, please visit


R&D sustainable practice


Sustainability starts with innovation. Our Research & Development team is at the forefront of sustainable and innovative personal care formulas. We believe in using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients. We develop formulas with fewer ingredients and less water.

We drive our chemists and suppliers to create new processes and ingredients that are more effective, with less waste, without compromising quality. We encourage our customers to use non-timbered Amazonian rainforest ingredients for the benefit of all.


reducing our consumption


We are working hard to reduce and reuse in every step of our operations. We've installed LED, motion sensor warehouse lighting, re-purpose, reuse or recycle our corrugate, reduce the amount of chemical we use, develop more efficient operations to continually reduce waste. We are committed to reducing our waste by 40% by 2020.

Understanding our water consumption can help us provide a solution to one of our most pressing problems: making sure there is enough water to sustain all living things on our planet. We actively work, everyday, to improve our water uses and waste. Water is renewable, but finite, we commit to reducing our overall water usage by 35% by 2020.


Sustainable packaging


Our Development team works closely with partners that supply a variety of sustainable packaging options. We believe in providing earth friendly options without compromising esthetics or restricting design and printing capabilities. We've worked hard to filter out "light green" packaging to provide real Green Solutions for real sustainability. 

Some of the options we offer include:

  • 100% Recyclable plastic bottles, jars and tubes
  • Polyethylene plastics created developed from sustainable Sugar Cane, 100% recyclable
  • 100% Recyclable Unit Cartons produced with 100% wind power, printed with vegetable-based inks
  • Recyclable labels printed with environmentally safe inks
  • FSC® & SFI® Certified paperboards, PPC recyclable Logo, Recyclable foil boards