PakLab's plan to build a sustainability program started in 2012 and crystallized in April of 2014 with the opening of our new facility and the decision to re-introduce ourselves to new and existing clients as a value added choice in Contract Manufacturing.

One of our goals was to incorporate all stewardship efforts, business management responsibility towards our stakeholders, and community practices into a demonstrable, traceable program that could show accountability and create an environment that would encourage our team to keep building on it.

Since then, our goal has gained more clarity, it has inspired us to focus on managing our operations from a sustainability perspective, while continually discovering opportunities to add new initiatives.


In 2014, we moved to create a new PakLab culture based on Purpose and Values. Through that process, we started developing a global energy strategy, a social-purpose-driven capital investment approach, and a search to measure environmental performance goals.

As we continue to identify new ways to improve recovery and waste diversion rates, we are committed to a steady continuum of improved steps in every one of the areas under our direct control, and also put our efforts to expand our program to include our customers and our supply chain. We do this through sensible education, demonstrating by example, and partnering with companies that share our values.



As part of our sustainability program we look at different areas where we can recycle, reduce carbon emissions and leave an overall smaller footprint. We've found and initiated several programs, for instance, we encourage all of our employees to recycle bottles and cans. Proceeds from this recycling program are donated to You Be The Chemist, a fantastic program which encourages middle school students to consider careers in chemistry.

We also have a program set up to re-purpose corrugate boxes to reduce the amount of energy/chemicals needed to recycle in a traditional fashion.



We encourage our customers to think about the environment. By using less dense, lighter packaging, fewer materials are needed for secondary and tertiary packing. This in turn minimizes the carbon footprint and allows for lower freight costs resulting in savings we can pass on to our customers. Sourcing from responsible partners that offer recycled or recyclable material results in less waste in the landfills.


Through the Amazonian Alliance we are able to procure exotic, non-timbered ingredients for use in the personal care products we develop. Contact us for more information on how this process is implemented.